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We develop solutions to assist businesses to stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends by showcasing their products and services in a better way. Our solutions enable businesses to have direct marketing channels with their customers, increase their brand awareness, loyalty and customer engagement, provide online services, generate repeat business and enhance their social networking strategies. Your website already has a purpose, a benefit to the end user and it acts much like a not-so-obvious ad for your business, the next step is to allow us with our various marketing solutions to help you stand out from the competition, get discovered online and boost your website traffic.

Google Marketing

Grow your business with Google Ads as Google Ads allows your business to be seen by customers the moment that they are searching on Google for the services that your business offers. With Google Ads you can target your ads specifically to customers in certain regions, cities or within a set distance from your business. There are various campaigns that we can run for you each month for example drive engagement, conversions, website traffic or revenue. Each month’s campaign will involve in depth planning (outlining your goals, target customers and campaign length etc), development (determining your strategy including target keywords, offer strategy, reaching the audience etc), Budget (how much we can spend on boosting, ad campaigns etc) and management (determining the success and value of the campaign). Monthly analytics and conversion reporting will be available on all campaigns.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) allows you to advertise your business on Google and only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website or calls you. Our Google Marketing Package includes an ads credit, account setup, ad campaign creation (1 created campaign and up to 5 ad groups per campaign), keyword research, 10 keywords per ad group and account maintenance. We can also tailor-make a specific package for you. Contact Us and let us help your business get discovered on Google.


SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that marketers use to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results to influence how your website is placed in search results in search engines. The aim of SEO is to position your website as high as possible in search rankings when customers are searching for services that you provide. When your SEO is done properly, you will get more traffic to your website which will result in more sales for your company.

Our SEO package includes a full website analysis, a competitive analysis, keyword research, keyword planning and nomination. We review your website architecture, we ensure that your website is mobile responsive, we optimize your website content and we use primary keywords on each page of your website. Furthermore, we optimize your page URL's, images, headings, text and title tags. We apply unique meta descriptions, meta tags, internal links and backlinks and we submit a google sitemap, robot txt and we update/setup your Google My Business page. Contact Us and let us help your business be found, be seen and be visible on search engines. 

Social Media Marketing

In today’s time many businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage their social media marketing strategies effectively. With our Social Media Marketing Solutions our team of experts can assist businesses of all sizes to make sure your brand gets proper exposure through cost effective strategies. We can help you increase your visibility, brand awareness, boost your website traffic and build customer loyalty and relationships. We are experts in the following Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our Social Media Marketing Package includes setup of a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn Company Page and a Instagram Business Page (including profile picture and banner designs), Bi-Weekly posts to each platform where we source and develop meaningful and engaging content and send to the business owner for approval before posting it and Targeted Advertising where we will run a specific Ad per platform anytime during the month. Monthly analytics and conversion reporting will be available on all campaigns. Contact Us now and let us help you manage your social media marketing and get the best results possible.

The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Build Your Brand, Connect With Your Customers, Promote Your Products And Services and Convert Visitors to Customers

Cost Effective Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a popular and very cost effective way to increase your business's recognition, generate more website traffic and increase your sales with little to no cost.

Increased Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing will greatly increase your brand visibility and recognition as you will interact with a broad audience of consumers who will like and share your content.

Higher Conversion Rates

Proper Social Media Marketing with good content gives your business increased visibility leading to more traffic to your website resulting in higher conversion rates.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Social Media Marketing assists with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you write quality content and use the correct keywords which will result in higher page rankings.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses to communicate with a customer database. Build credibility with your audience, keep people engaged with your business, improve customer loyalty, generate new leads and get valuable customer feedback and insights by means of online surveys etc. We use Mailchimp to grow a list of subscribers for your business and to engage with them on a regular basis.

Our Email Marketing Package includes one targeted Social Media Campaign per month on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to generate subscribers for your subscriber database, targeted social media ads credit, account creation, profile setup, subscriber database setup, import and integration and email newsletter design. We can tailor-make a package for you. Contact Us today and let us help your business get the right message accross.

Graphic Design Services

Brand perception is the key to a company’s overall success thus our creative teams focus on heightening your brand visibility by assisting you to bring your concept to life with visuals, graphics and colour promoting your products and services in a positive and effective light. We assist businesses to promote their brands through visual communications with our various Graphic Design Solutions.  Contact Us today for more information on our full range of Graphic Design Packages and Solutions

Corporate Identity Design

We can assist with your corporate identity design ranging from Logo Design, Business Card Design, Email Signature Design and Company Letterhead Design.

Company Profile

We can assist with the design of your company profile. We also include a brand guideline booklet explaining your brand colours, font and sizes, logo clearance etc.

Marketing Designs

We can assist with all your marketing design requirements such as social media banner designs, ad designs, pamphlet designs, newsletter designs, brochures etc.

IT Support and Solutions

Mojotech enables your business to stay competitive and up to date by providing you with the latest hardware, software & upgrades needed to achieve optimal business performance. 

We sell a variety of IT, Digital Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics and Mobility products. Contact Us today for more information on our wide range of products.

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